edk_ServSpy V0.1.4 Beta

This application is used to broadcast your whereabouts on the edonkey network.

In order to use it you will need to use Edonkey2000 windows GUI version:


It will detect the server that you are connected to, and place this information on an image. The image will then be uploaded to a web-server of your choice using FTP. It can then be used on webpages, message boards etc. In this way others will be able to see where you are located and will then be able to connect to the same edonkey server, making it easier to get the files that you are sharing. The application will update the image frequently so the latest information always is shown.

edk_ServSpy will work with the current Windows GUI version of EDonkey V.60. Currently we haven't tested it with older and newer versions. We would be happy to receive reports on how it works with these.

edk_ServSpy is currently being developed by Noja and rtf:


This application is an early beta. If for some reason it will not run on your system please use the Help forum or the bug tracker below. When reporting problems please provide information about your Windows version and your EDonkey version and also any error messages you get.

Download edkServSpy 0.1.4 Beta from sourceforge.net - Changes

Download edkServSpy 0.1.4 Beta from EDonkey

Download edkServSpy 0.1.4 Beta Source from EDonkey

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